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In 2010 a group of friends put together this fun event to highlight some local talent in the hair and make-up industry. Now 13 years later we are bringing it to White Center.


Hair-Raiser is a Halloween Hair and makeup runway show to showcase local hair and makeup artists and raise money for Stephanie’s lifeline. 


Salons/stylists will sign up with a team of but not limited to a hair stylists, costume designer, makeup artists and models to create their presentation. Participants are welcome to participate solo. Participants are welcome to use Facebook event page or Instagram post to connect with other artists.


Each team will need at least 1 and up to 5 models


Participants will need to come up with their own theme i.e. classic monsters, zombies, etc… themes will be posted as they come in so you are aware of others doing the same or similar theme. 


Participants will need to supply the music they will be walking to. It will be up to the Participants to have their runaway walks and presentation timed to the music 


There will be a dress rehearsal the day before  Fri Oct 13th 


Participation confirmation for print advertisements deadline will be October 11th


Deadline for Participation is October 17th 


There will be limited space for touch ups so please come prepared.  

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